A Quick A-z On Elegant Whmis Solutions

The problem is the dilution effect of the sheer number of other certifications and designations. This is further complicated by the specialist certifications and designations offered by industry sectors. The CRSP has been the standard-bearer for occupational health and safety professional certifications for 40 years and it is now getting lost in the noise of the 20-plus other certifications and designations. How does the consumer sort through this all? Is “buyer beware” really the best strategy? In addition, there is the bigger issue of safety being formally recognized as a true profession in Canada. This free-for-all landscape of certifications and designations is a major impediment to safety ever becoming a self-regulating, true profession. A key argument for regulating professions is that they have to have, maintain and deliver a unique set of knowledge and skills to ensure the public interest is served. Self-regulation is intended to ensure the people most knowledgeable of best practices provide the standards for measuring competence and professional conduct.

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