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Christopher perished at a job site near Dorothy after his vest became tangled in a gravel crusher. Thanks to a creative and landmark sentence, his name may live on as a legacy in making job sites safer.     The Mail reported in its December 14, 2016, edition that Argon Construction pleaded guilty to, being an employer, did fail to provide safeguards if a worker may accidentally, or through the work progress, come into contact with moving parts of machinery, contrary to section 310(2)(A) of the Occupational Health and Safety Code.     On July 19, 2014 Christopher was removing gravel that accumulated under the machine. While he was wearing safety equipment, he was not wearing the proper tear away vest when he used a short handled shovel to perform the task.  While he was working, his safety vest became entangled in an unguarded rotating conveyor belt on the tail pulley shaft. He was pulled into the conveyor and died.     On Friday, April 21, the company was sentenced.     The mother and father of Christopher, as well as his stepfather, personally read into the record their victim impact statements, and his grandmother’s statement was read into the record by Adele Tait, lead investigation specialist with Alberta Labour.     Prosecutor K. Hewitt and defense for Argon Construction agreed to recommend a joint sentence that could save lives in the future.     The company was fined $50,000.

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