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It was also ordered to give $200,000 to create best practices and a youth campaign and courses for the sand and gravel industry.     Wayne Woodhouse of the Alberta Sand and Gravel Association explains that in sentencing, Alberta Labour helped to pull together the partnership with his organization as well as Safety in Schools, the Alberta Construction and Safety Association and the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association to create this new program. The intent of the program is to establish best practices, deliver training resources targeted at young workers and prevent an incident like this from ever recurring.     The scope of the project is to create best practices and create a campaign designed to educate youth about workplace incidents. It also aims to create an online module focused on guards for the Construction Safety Training System. It will also upgrade the crushing module to include silica exposure and guard requirements for the Roadbuilders Safety Training System.     Argon Construction will participate by becoming a member of the Alberta Sand and Gravel Association and participate in its Health and Safety Committee. The company will also present at the Association’s next Annual General Meeting.     Argon Construction is a family owned business operating for 37 years and was cooperative throughout the process.  It offered the family its regrets and an apology with the deepest sincerity. It was also ordered to produce a written public acknowledgment that describes the incident, the measures it has taken since and lessons learned.

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