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Anyone with a passion for movies from the eighties will be thrilled by the debate around the government’s review of the rules. Those standards haven’t been updated since 1988, when theatres were showing Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Big and “the Christmas classic Die Hard,” said Gray. It was also the year of the Calgary Winter Olympics, which Gray has repeatedly pointed out to media during news conferences and to the Opposition during question period. It’s part of a deliberate strategy to use pop culture to show voters why the government is tackling this now, when the economy is still sputtering. It helps that “it was a good year for movies,” said Gray in an interview last week. Gray is also trying to draw attention to the fact that over those 30 years since Who Framed Roger Rabbit came out, Alberta has fallen out of step with the rest of the country. The government released charts comparing employment standards in Alberta with other provinces, which show a big disparity in the amount of job-protected leave workers are entitled. Gray said many workers and businesses might not even be aware of the difference.  Most workers in the province are employed by companies that will, for example, allow them to take a sick day, but that’s not mandated by law in Alberta . Unlike just about every province in the country, Albertans have no assurance that they won’t be fired for being sick. In Ontario, workers are entitled to 10 protected days of unpaid sick leave. Alberta also has the longest minimum eligibility period for maternity leave .

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